I find myself going constantly. But it isn’t just the fact that I am going, it’s that all of my actions are in an outward direction. I teach class, consult a client, constantly text different people, invite someone to have dinner with me, fall asleep with my phone in my hand, I wake up and it all starts again. All of a sudden, even the simple tasks are frustrating, too time-consuming, or I start messing up because I am not actually focusing on my actions, just trying to get to the reward/final product/end of the day.
Then days like today happen. I don’t have an agenda, just time. And that time is space for ideas to be, to grow, to explore. Space to breathe.
Take time to refuel yourself. We often think that we refuel from the things around us – so we grab food, entertainment, a text conversation with anyone that will respond – we DO anything seeking a reboot. But just like a sugary carbohydrate – this energy burns quickly – it is more of an expense than an asset. But coming inward – whether it be meditation, journaling, prayer – being still and isolated, we find this vitality inside to start again. We have a practice, rituals, positive lifestyle choices that activate our Light regularly. Not so that we can boast our discipline or title, but so that we can more easily live from this place of grace, acceptance, ease, and love.
The more we train the mind to accept the sensations and movement of the Self instead of the ego, the more our life will impact our communities with this intention of love, Greatness, and wellness. The more we exercise living from this Place, the less our actions come from a place of fear, pain, past experience, or expectation.
Excercising presence, is listening, being, and surrendering. Knowing that each moment you are learning and teaching, you are accepting and letting go, you are active and still.
You find balance.
You find neutrality.
You find bliss.
There is a power in you. Take time to recognize, accept, and grow this power.
REFUEL from within.

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